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Micro Events - the new high!

The pandemic has changed the way we think about social gatherings. For the past 18 months, we spent our time indoors with little to no social interaction. It was a hard year and a half, but things are changing. With the rollout of vaccines and lighter restrictions, people are longing to re-connect again. The thought of reconnecting with family and friends gets us beyond excited! It’s what we’ve all longed for and it’s about to happen. Though we won’t be attending concerts or large events in the near future, a micro event allows you to gather safely in a smaller group while still enjoying the fun of a public event. They offer a degree of exclusivity and allows the host to create a bespoke experience for 20 friends and family that would be hard to replicate for a guest-list of 100. It’s an exquisite pairing of both low-key and extravagance, while still keeping in mind affordability.  It allows you to spend more time interacting with and appreciating those in attendance, and that personal connection adds a lot more meaning to your event on a whole.

We’re approaching the part where we can start to put the pandemic behind us and plan ahead for happier and memorable moments!

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